UniCrypt Segregated Hybrid-Vaults now Live!

Unity’s Unique, Patent-pending Hybrid vault storage and custody solution bridges the advantages of the fast intractability
of hot wallets along with the top-notch security of cold-wallets in a scalable and automated way.


Every account has its own wallet and private keys. All data is encrypted and no one except for the account holder has access to their funds (not even Unity).


External and internal communication is always individually encrypted to ensure the maximum in safety and security for every transaction and interaction is guaranteed.


The Hot Wallets ensure synchronization with all blockchains at all times and that transactions can be generated instantly and automatically.


More than 10,216,873.00 UNTY Tokens will be created based in the investments made to our ICO!

We've created a one of a kind crypto-mining token that allows anyone in the world to benefit from the mining revolution.
Open a UniCrypt Account to participate in the UNTY Token rewards and benefit from all the features the platform has to offer.

UniCrypt: The Universal Crypto Management Platform.
The all-in-one solution to your crypto management wishes and desires is here!
An easy to use crypto account management interface

You can manage your crypto and fiat assets via the UniCrypt Platform. Allowing you to have full controll of your funds (not even Unity has access to your private keys), working with multiple asset classes and tokens has never been this easy.

Deposit and Withdraw Fiat and Crypto

Working with Fiat and Crypto has never been this simple. Deposit Fiat via a Bank Account or work directly with your public keys for Crypto. All transactions are represeted in the block chain (also internal transfers and fiat movements) so you have a golden truth for any ledger movements.

Unique Control Mechanisms

Verify your balances at any time. Since every user has their own segregated account and public/private key-pairs, you can monitor your balances in the blockchain. Additionally, every fiat transaction is documented in the blockchain as well, leaving no possibilities for uncertainty of all assets being safe.

One-Click ICO Investments

Having successfully launched multiple ICOs, the UniCrypt allows for customers to efficiently participate in a project they love. ICO launching companies can apply to have their ICO/IEO take place on our platform.